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This beautiful quilted cloth bag can hold enough diabetic supplies for days, and is equipped with an insulated pocket for an ice pack. The velcro opening is complimented with a handle for easy carrying. The interior expands to a generous size with multiple pockets to carry your glucose meter, lancet, test strips, insulin vial and syringes, along with an insulin pen and pen needles. It also doubles as a very colorful and fun lunch bag to carry a few needed supplies at the same time.
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Dittidecal aims to save lives

Learn about how I came up with this simple yet effective product after a traumatic diabetic experience. Read More.

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The dittidecal is a window sticker for your car that alerts others to your diabetic condition in case of an emergency.

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The Candy Striper

This bright multi-color cloth case has a zipper opening with several exterior pockets for a credit card, driver’s license or cell phone. There is an exterior velcro pocket, which can hold a checkbook, cash or a pen, and an exterior zipper pocket, with two smaller pockets to compliment the front of the case. This case has multiple uses for diabetic supplies, such as a glucose meter, test strips, lancet, insulin vial and insulin pen, syringes, and pen needles, as well as personal items.
9 ¼” w x 5 ¼” l x 1”d : Enlarge photo Purchase here : $31.95

The Ali-Oop

This multi-stripe cloth case has a zipper opening with an exterior velcro pocket, which can hold an alcohol swab, Kleenex, or small items. There are interior elastic bands to hold a glucose meter, test strip drum and lancet. There is also an interior pocket with a zipper and two smaller pockets, which can hold insulin vials, syringes, or other small items. This bag compliments The Skinny Case extremely well.
6 ¾ ” w x 5 ¼” l x 1”d : Enlarge photo Purchase here : $29.95

The Skinny Case

This soft leather case has a zipper opening with an interior leather pocket to hold an insulin pen. There are five interior elastic bands to hold insulin pen needles and a small pocket for an alcohol swab or Kleenex. The color of this bag coordinates nicely with The Ali-Oop.
8” l x 3 ½" w x ½ "d : Enlarge photo Purchase here : $24.95

All cases have an ID card holder with a complimentary ID card and a motivational quote.


Recently I had a hypoglycemic episode while driving alone. I have Type 1 diabetes and a hypoglycemic episode occurs when there is a sudden drop in blood glucose levels. Symptoms develop quickly and include anxiety, confusion, tremors, sweating, hunger, neurological impairment, cognitive dysfunction, seizures, and possibly coma and death.

As I was driving, my eyes started to blur and confusion set in. I was aware that I was driving erratically but could not focus. I literally stopped in the middle of the road and managed to get out of my car and catch the attention of a passing motorist. Evidently, I was on my cell phone with my husband, who then spoke with the man who stopped to help me. Ambulance Photo 1My husband explained to him that I am diabetic and needed sugar as soon as possible. He gave me some juice while my husband called 911. The kind stranger stayed with me until paramedics and family members arrived.

What would have happened if no one knew I was diabetic? I could’ve been mistaken for someone who was under the influence or someone with mental health problems. I would not have received the appropriate care for my hypoglycemic episode, and there could have been serious consequences. I am not the only one to experience terrifying episodes like this and I was determined to find a way to minimize or prevent future tragedies. I decided every diabetic needs some type of sign for their car notifying others of their condition, in cases of emergency, so appropriate action could be taken.

I designed the dittidecal for exactly this reason.

our story

I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of 43.
In order to effectively manage my diabetic care, I needed several different organizers to hold all of the testing supplies, needles and insulin required each day. Many of the organizer cases available on the market are bland and dreary, and their appearance actually made me self-conscious to use them
in public.
I want my cases to be a reflection of my spirit and courage. I want to let the world know that diabetic care doesn’t have to be boring. I am fun, stylish, and confident, and my diabetic cases should be too.

I hope the vibrant colors and patterns of each dittibag will inspire you to effectively manage your diabetes with pride.

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